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Kaye’s Way was built to assist change in anyone’s life through personal training, health and wellness consulting and as a resource for pregnant and postpartum women as they navigate the challenging season of becoming a mother. The primary goal of Kaye’s Way is to open up resources that will enhance the growth and change that happens during pregnancy and postpartum healing. This is done through physical training, mental and emotional growth via health and wellness consulting. Services are stacked with helpful resources and ways to create community around what we share in common in this amazing season of life.

A message from Christa Kaye

Kaye’s Way was born out of necessity during my own pregnancy and postpartum journey. When I became pregnant, I found myself feeling somewhat terrified that my long-held identity as an extremely capable athlete was about be severely compromised by the journey of pregnancy and birth/delivery, much of which I was not in control of, or so I thought. I have been an athlete all my life, most recently in the sport of fitness also known as CrossFit. I fell in love with CrossFit and I couldn’t imagine not being capable the way I wanted to in the gym postpartum. I knew pregnancy and having a child was about to impact my life in ways I couldn’t imagine, but surely there was some form of my own “normal” I could maintain. I’d heard plenty of stories about mothers being stronger and more fit after having children and was curious about the how and why in that phenomenon. I decided to research and see what was out there for prenatal and postpartum strength and conditioning programs.

What I found was a budding population of female athletes and coaches/PTs of various types searching for the same information I was. Further, if they couldn’t find an answer “out there”, they were creating solutions themselves. Not many training programs were available to the general public yet, but as a coach, my solution was to stitch together the information that made sense to me, apply it and test my own results. After learning more about the pelvic floor and how it is supposed to function in any human body, I followed an online pregnancy strength and conditioning program which carried me through to my delivery. Postpartum, I sought help and education from my performance physical therapist, learned even more about the pelvic floor, followed her prescribed exercises and when I saw and felt major improvement in my core and pelvic floor function, I knew this was something I needed to dive deeper into. The sheer realization that I actually DID have control over my recovery blew my mind and I recognized the incredible need for women to be exposed to information options surrounding pregnancy and postpartum recovery and rebuilding. With my credentials and experience already in hand, I decided to become certified as a pregnancy and postpartum coach, and become a part of the movement that is changing the way Western culture will view, talk about and take action around pregnancy and postpartum care.

Along with my recent experience as a pregnant and postpartum athlete, I have nearly a decade of personal training and coaching experience coupled with time spent researching natural remedies and holistic care. Anything I encounter in the health and wellness realm I will test myself so I know I can give my clients honest recommendations.

Filling the space between general public knowledge

and client specific needs is what I am passionate about.

I want to help open the eyes of people who are realizing that what has been working isn’t anymore and they need guidance in making a change. It is my absolute pleasure to contour my approach to the unique needs of the next person looking to improve their health and wellness or rediscover herself postpartum or in general fitness. Thank you for visiting and I hope we can connect soon. I want to hear your story!

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